Masks as a Community Initiative

I was speaking to artist Steven Quiller yesterday.  He lives in Creede, Colorado where the entire community was affected by the West Fork Complex fire last year.  I happened to have been in Creede on the worst days of the fire and can attest to the fact that it felt like being trapped in a Hieronymous Bosch painting of hell.  So I asked Steven how things were going.  He said they had just celebrated a community event to raise money for those most impacted by the fire.  The local theater put...


Shapes and Chagall

The Shapes of Art exhibit is now underway, and we are very excited to host the Gala and Live Auction Saturday, April 28, at the Fort Collins Masonic Lodge.  The closing reception for Shapes of Art is Friday, May 4, 2012  so be sure to get your bids in before then!

The Marc Chagall and the Bible: Etchings and Lithographs exhibit opens May 3 and goes through July 1 in the Mezzanine Gallery.  It is one of the most monumental printing projects, and we are looking forward to bringing it to Fort...