Chihuly Glass Blowing Demonstrations

Nothing is more fascinating than watching an artist take a shapeless glob of molten glass and transform it into a work of art!  Visitors to FCMOA’s Chihuly Venetians show have the opportunity to watch Chihuly and his team blow a number of amazing works in the video Chihuly in the Hotshop that plays on a looped video.

But on select weekends, visitors are also able to see live glass blowing demonstrations by local glass artists Brad Wilson and Cary Hollenberg.  Brad was with us several weeks ago and Cary will be demonstrating from 1-3 pm on February 18th in FCMOA‘s studio on the plaza level.  Both artists will be doing demonstrations during FCMOA’s Weekend of Fire on March 10 & 11.

Here’s to art and living it!

Marianne Lorenz, Executive Director