David Wander: Drawings from the Biblical Texts


Jonah In The Whale, David Wander

May 3 – July 1 in the Loft Gallery

David Wander (b. 1954) is a Jewish American artist who studies ancient texts and then re-interprets them according to his own psychological, personal viewpoint.  Wander creates multi-panel narratives from various biblical texts and integrates those texts with images that bring a contemporary perspective to the stories and lessons of the Bible.

Each of the stories illustrated in this exhibition contains at its core a very human story.  Each is a story of struggle, perseverance and loneliness.  The story of Jonah is one rich in possibilities of exploring the demands of obedience to God and the attendant confusion and isolation that ensue as one attempts to “do the right thing.”  Joseph’s story could easily find its way into a contemporary tabloid:  an abandoned and abused child overcomes numerous obstacles to become the powerful leader of a foreign country.

Wander’s ability to re-animate, both visually and spiritually, ancient texts that carry so much historical and emotional baggage makes his work relevant to contemporary life and society.  By revealing the Bible’s underlying themes of human struggle and transcendence, the artist invites the viewer to experience the Bible’s stories anew and to affirm their universal significance.