Upcoming Exhibitions

Kate Gridley: Passing Through- Portraits of Emerging Adults
May 19 – July 16, 2017

Kate Gridley sees a world in which emerging adults (the phase of life between adolescence and full fledged adulthood) from all walks of life are recognized, honored and supported to fulfill their human potential. Using painted canvasses, each 30″ x 60″, and sound portraits, audible through cell phone technology, Passing Through marks moments in which emerging adults transition to realizing their selves and claim their voices.

The seventeen subjects have been coming and going through Gridley’s studio doors for many years. None is afraid to stand up for his/her current set of beliefs. While they do not yet know exactly what they will be doing, or where they are going, Gridley is confident each will contribute something significant to our messy, fragile world, whether on the world stage, in a rural community or urban setting, or in a living room.



Redress: Upcycled Style by Nancy Judd

July 28 – October 22, 2017

Plastique couture- made from plastic bottles

Can a beautifully made garment also carry an environmental message? Artist Nancy Judd thinks so!

Like it or not, we are a wasteful society. We buy, we consume, we rip our shirt and throw it away. Most of our everyday purchases have disposable packaging, our mailboxes are jammed with junk advertising campaigns, our belongings wear out and we simply buy another. Trash is just a part of our throw-away culture.

At first glance her creations are stunning and dramatic, appearing as fine couture and refined garments. A closer look takes us deeper into her message. A glamorous, shimmering evening gown is made from crushed glass and salvaged upholstery fabric. Her message? Recycling glass reduces emissions and consumption of raw materials, extends the life of plant equipment, and saves energy. Another elegant dress is constructed from drycleaner, grocery and newspaper plastic bags. Titled “The Jellyfish Dress”, it tells us to be mindful of marine life when discarding these bags after use as they can be fatal to sea creatures if tossed carelessly.

Why fashion? Judd loves the challenge of making cast-offs elegant and inspiring people to look differently at waste. Ms. Judd has been commissioned by major corporations such as Target and Delta Airlines to create not only magnificent works of art, but also to convey the value of consumer consciousness and the future of our planet.

Pablo Picasso & Salvador Dali
Artwork from the Collection of Dr. Wayne Yakes
November 3- January 7, 2018

Drawings and prints from two of the most famous artists from the 20th century are featured from the art collection of Dr. Wayne and Nona Yakes.