Masks as a Community Initiative

I was speaking to artist Steven Quiller yesterday.  He lives in Creede, Colorado where the entire community was affected by the West Fork Complex fire last year.  I happened to have been in Creede on the worst days of the fire and can attest to the fact that it felt like being trapped in a Hieronymous Bosch painting of hell.  So I asked Steven how things were going.  He said they had just celebrated a community event to raise money for those most impacted by the fire.  The local theater put on a special play, Steven opened a show of watercolor paintings done after the fire and the entire Creede community came together to raise funds, look at art, enjoy a play and celebrate.

His story reminded me a lot of FCMOA’s Banner Health-Kaiser Permanente  Mask project.  Yes, it is our largest fundraiser…but it is so much more.  It is an opportunity for the community to gather together and celebrate our collective creativity.  It is also a reminder of how many supporters and friends the museum has enjoyed over the years.  Masks opens on April 4th during First Friday.  I look forward to seeing everyone there that night in a celebration of art and our community.

Marianne Lorenz, Executive Director