2018 Masks Call for Entry

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The Information

2018 Masks Form

  • Thank you for your interest in 2018 Masks. This is the Fort Collins Museum of Art’s (FCMOA) signature fundraising event and community art project.  In the past, more than two hundred artists have applied their varied talents to creating works of art, all starting with the blank ceramic form. Thank you for your interest; we could not continue to grow Masks without your support and involvement.
  • 2018 Masks  is comprised of an exhibition and silent auction that is installed at FCMOA from April 6 – May 4, 2018 as well as a gala event.
  • FCMOA is a private non-profit organization supported by the this fundraiser, sponsorships, memberships, admissions, grants and donations.
  • Anyone can apply to be a mask artist. Everyone over the age of 18 is welcome to apply. Please note that FCMOA members are given first opportunity to be a mask artist. Memberships start at $20 for an Artist Membership. If you would like to become member, please click here for more information.

Important Dates
August 20, 2017                            Deadline for Call for Entry submissions
August 25, 2017                             Email confirmation to artists chosen to complete a mask
September 19, 2017                      Deadline for artists to pick up masks, any masks not picked up will be given to artists on a waitlist
December 3, 2017                         Deadline for drop-off of completed masks at FCMOA
April 6 – May 4, 2018                   Masks exhibition and silent auction at FMCOA
April 6, 2018                                  Opening reception
May 4, 2018                                   Closing reception