Tools in Motion


December 14, 2012 – February 7, 2013
Family Free Day: December 15th from noon-5pm
(family friendly crafts in Gallery 101 from noon-4)

Sponsored by Mawson Lumber and Hardware

Tools in Motion is an extraordinary selection of artworks celebrating repetition and motion in common, everyday tools and hardware. This exhibition, chosen from Tools As Art: The Hechinger Collection, sparks the viewer’s imagination and prompts a deeper engagement with each work’s possible meaning, as the viewer reconsiders the ordinary as extraordinary.

With a witty and lighthearted subject matter and vivid colors and textures, the works of Tools in Motion have a special appeal to families, school groups and children. Their clever content and style proves thought-provoking for children, allowing them to explore new art and introducing them to important contemporary artists. The exhibition features the work by Arman, Jim Dine, Jacob Lawrence, Claes Oldenburg, and many more, and addresses key themes of contemporary art and therefore is equally attractive to art lovers of all ages.