Tours and Field Trips

Located in the heart of downtown Fort Collins, in the historic Post Office building, FCMOA is a jewel waiting to be discovered. New exhibitions are offered every eight to twelve weeks, showcasing local, regional, national, and international artists. Enrich the minds and lives of your students by bringing them to, what may be for many, their first art museum experience! Take a look at the current and upcoming exhibits in the museum and get some ideas for a field trip now.

In addition, funding is available from our generous sponsor: Bank of Colorado to transport PSD school groups to FCMOA for group tours. Please fill out the fields below for funding.

Reservations for field trips must be booked at least one week in advance. To make a reservation, call 970-482-2787 or fill in and submit the form below.

We’ll need to know:

– Number of children (requires one adult chaperone for every ten students)
– Preferred date, start, and finish time of visit
– Name and contact info of teacher-in-charge (email, address, and phone of school)

Important information for teachers:
– Museum visits can be scheduled Wednesday – Friday, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.
– Up to 50 students can be accommodated at once
– There are no fees for K-12 PSD students on field trips. All other children and students pay regular reduced admission fees. One chaperone for every       10 students is admitted free of charge.
– Colorado Model Content Standards (CMCS) can be addressed in guided tours if requested in advance by the teacher.

Tour Request Form

  • Please let us know if you need financial assistance with transporting PSD students.
  • The museum is open Wednesday - Friday , 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Tours are available 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM on those days.
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  • Should your first choice be unavailable, please choose the next best date for your group to attend.
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  • School District

Museum Etiquette
– Never touch the art in a museum.
– Always walk in a museum.
– Ask the museum staff if you have questions about the art.
– Always talk about the ideas you get from the art!

Tips for Looking at Art
– Look for things in the artwork that help to tell a story
– Tell your story to a friend or write it down
– Listen to a friend’s story about the art
– See if the colors and lines make you feel a certain way
– Look for hot and cold colors
– Look for active, smooth, heavy, or curvy lines
– Look for shapes or designs that remind you of something else
– Ask your friends if they see the same things, or something different
– Think about why the artist made the choices she or he made
– Do some choices help tell the story?
– Do some choices help give a certain feeling?
– Would you have made the same choices?